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domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2013

Strategy for renewables energies in Biosphere Reserves Network

The last 14 and 15 of November We took part in the conference "Strategy of Renewable Energy in the Biosphere Reserve Network" organized by the "Organismo Autónomo de parques nacionales". In the meeting, celebrated in Castellet (Barcelona), we presented the potential of our products RBdigital and Biospheresmart for those Biosphere Reserves who want to implement renewable energy and achieve more sustainable environments in line with conservation features for them entrusted. In this connection features like dynamic simulation models, spatial analysis, etc. that allow, for example, calculate the perfect spot to place a solar farm or perform calculations on the impact it will have the installation of a wind farm on the birds.

A moment of our presentation
One of the BS tools for Renewable Energy Magnagment 

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