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viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

New Observatory of El Hierro Biosphere Reserve.

We have launched the observatory of the El Hierro Biosphere Reserve; Thereby the Biosphere Reserve has become part of the new generation of Biosphere Reserves adopting the standard Intelligent RBDigital Observatory to support the Biosphere Reserve management. A BiosphereSmart fully utilizes the tools of new information technologies to help build a sustainable future agreement and the transition towards green societies based on knowledge and improving the quality of life.
Observatory Interfaz.
From the technical point of view RBDigital is a suite of solutions that enable the promotion and accessed easily and quickly to all the information necessary for the comprehensive management of Biosphere Reserve in its functions of conservation, development and logistic support.
Suite  RBDigital

The Observatory of El Hierro Biosphere Reserve has the mission to provide the best available information and make it available to society, to contribute to the improvement in decision-making processes, public participation, education and the effective contribution of the scientific community to the emerging challenges relating to sustainable development, conservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage.
Smart Portal

Check Here the new Observatory
If you want more information about RBDigital, please send us a mail :

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