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miércoles, 10 de julio de 2013

BiosphereSmart: New layer with information about Geoparks

We have added a new layer with information about Geoparks. You can check it in 

Geopark is a unified area with geological heritage of international significance. Geoparks use that heritage to promote awareness of key issues facing society in the context of the dynamic planet we all live on. Many Geoparks promote awareness of geological hazards, including volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis and many help prepare disaster mitigation strategies among local communities. Geoparks hold records of past climate change and are educators on current climate change as well as adopting a best practise approach to utilising renewable energy and employing the best standards of “green tourism.”Tourism industry promotion in Geopark, as a geographically sustainable and applicable tourism model, aims to sustains, or even enhances, the geographical character of a place.
New layer with information about geoparks

The Global Geoparks idea is being adopted by increasing numbers of Member States. The Geoparks are becoming very popular due to their combination of conservation, sustainable development and community involvement. UNESCO started to be active in this area in 1999 when Geoparks were proposed as a UNESCO programme. However, in 2001, at the 161st session of UNESCO's Executive Board, the majority of Delegates decided 'not to pursue the development of a UNESCO geoparks programme, but instead to support ad hoc efforts within individual Member States as appropriate'.

If you are a geopark, please contact with us in to add your geopark to the platform.

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